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Deer Sausage Processing

We use only the finest ingredients and meats to make your sausage. All sausage is smoked in our smokehouses. Everything will be vacuum packed to keep it fresh.

Summer Sausage

Plain or Garlic
(2 lb. stick) $3.49/lb

Summer Sausage

Jalapeno Cheese or Cheese
(2 lb. stick) $3.89/lb

Ring Bologna

Plain or Garlic
(2 lb. package) $3.49/lb

Smoked Kielbasa

(2 lb. package) $3.49/lb

Natural Casing Wieners

(2 lb. package) $3.69/lb

Polish Sausage

(2 lb. package) $3.49/lb


(2 lb. package) $3.39/lb

Hot Sticks

Mild or Extra Hot (2 lb. package) $3.79/lb

Snack Sticks or Hickory Sticks

(2 lb. package) $3.79/lb

Jalapeno Sticks

(2 lb. package) $3.79/lb

Venison Jerky

(2 lb. package) $3.99/lb


Reg., Beer, Italian, Cajun, Onion
(2 lb. package) $3.19/lb

Breakfast Links

Reg. or Apple Cinnamon
(2 lb. package) $3.19/lb

Dried Venison

(1 lb. package) includes slicing $3.99/lb 50% shrink

Venison Bacon

(1 lb. package) $3.89/lb.

All items are made with pork unless requested. For every 10 lbs. of meat, you will receive 15 lbs. (except Jerky and Dried Vension). *Separate batches will be made with a minimum of 50 lbs. per item. $1.00 /lb extra per lb.

Venison Sausage Processing: Products
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