Custom Processing

Processing Prices

We are proud to provide private label processing for local farms and residents, including local organic and grass-fed producers. We perform slaughtering on Wednesday; please call ahead to secure your appointment.

Beef Prices

Butchering Fee – $65.00/Head                Bison Fee – $85/Head

Cut/Wrap/Freeze Mixed ¼ – $.68/lb..

Whole or Half – $.63/lb.

Grinding – $.05/lb.

Cube Steaks – $.40/lb.

Tenderizing – $.60/lb.

Stew Meat – $.30/lb.

Stir Fry Meat – $.40/lb.

Hamburger Patties – $.60/lb. 5 lb. boxes $.80/lb. 1 lb. package

Philly Steaks – $.70/lb.

Steak Sandwiches – &.70/lb.

Weights and Pricing $25.00 per head

Vacuum Packaging  $.10/lb.

Pork Prices

Butchering Fee – $45.00/head  Sparn pigs $45.00/head

Cut/Wrap/Freeze – $.63/lb.

Grinding – $.05/lb.

Smoking – $1.15/lb.  No  nitrite smoking $1.85/lb.

Brats – $1.49/lb.

Breakfast Links – $1.69/lb.

Breakfast/Brat Patties – $1.20/lb..

Bulk Pork Sausage or Bulk Italian Sausage – $.90/lb.

Seasoned Patties $1.20/lb.

Weights and packaging $15.00 per head

Vacuum Packaging $.10/lb.

Spanfarkel pigs are also available at market prices.

Lamb Prices

Butchering Fee – $85.00/head

VAC-PAC Fee – $5.00/head

Gyro Meat – $3.69/lb.

Gyro Brats – $1.99/lb..

Weights and Pricing – $5.00/head

Minimum of 25 lbs. of meat for sausage items made into no nitrite products

All Sausage – $2.29/lb.

Jerky or Strips – $2.89/lb..

No Nitrite Sausage Add $.60/lb..

Batches less than 25 lb. add $.50/lb.

Processing is also available for exotic animals, like bison, elk, llama, deer, and emu.


Vacuum-packaging is available for all cuts of meat at $.05/lb


Direct Marketers

For those interested in marketing your products, we are proud to offer private labeling as well as weighing and pricing of your products for accurate and informative labels.

Download our Beef Cutting form here. 

 Download our Pork Cutting form here. 

We do not process poultry!